Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Liked About Puberty Blues

-The kids look like kids (not adults)
-It feels likes the 70's
-Reminds me of high school
-There were Sunny Boys in the show
-Scenes are not rushed
-There is tension in the story
-You either hate or love the characters because of their personality, not because of a shitty portrayal
-Previews for the next episode didn't reveal too much

Well done Channel Ten, well done!
Having said that, stay tuned later in the season for my 'What I hate about Puberty Blues' post cause this could easily go down hill.


  1. Haha good points! I do really like this show, there's something comforting about it... until I remember that the adults in it are the same age as my grandparents and I don't like the idea of them playing strip poker...

    Don't read the book though, it's tre disturbing.

  2. Sounds like a good programme .Open and Honest.